Online Weight Loss Course

Online Weight Loss Course online

Online Weight Loss Course

The Nutrition Revolution

Dr Grant Fourie

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About The Program

Losing weight and healing from chronic illness does not have to be severe, boring, or lonely! BetYaLife will show you how to gently transform your life, approaching food with balance and fun. Are you ready to experience a life that is so much more than food?
The Nutrition Revolution from BetYaLife challenges the many myths and deceptions in the food industry and how these belief systems impact so much more than just our weight. The success is in the numbers and today BetYaLife has hundreds of members who have stopped taking their chronic medication, collectively lost thousands of Kilograms and are enjoying a life of health, energy and vitality thanks to the pearls of wisdom delivered by Dr Grant Fourie in the BetYaLife Program.

What makes BetYaLife different?
Most diets and lifestyle programs promote weight loss as a success determining factor and that’s what’s makes BetYaLife program unique. BetYaLife is not a diet, or a fad. It’s a sustainable lifestyle management program that educates you and your family about the food you eat every day and how it impacts your body as a whole, without encouraging you to implement restrictive diets and limiting your food choices, BetYaLife will help you discover the foods that agree with your unique body so you can make the right choices to live your best life.
Weight Loss and Health can never only be about food, but we have discovered that many of the major health concerns and ailments our society is faced with today are directly related to poor nutritional guidelines, our goal is to teach you to identify what health concerns need medication, and what foods can replace your medication, all while you lose weight and enjoy a life filled with energy and vitality.
BetYaLife works to restore your health, lose excess weight and inspire you to improve your quality of life with one delicious, nutritious meal at a time. A lot of us think we understand the meaning of “healthy eating” but very few of us actually manage to make the long term commitment to the process of change, but with BetYaLife this process is simple.
Although BetYaLife is not strictly a diet the course does include a substantial amount of supplementary and educational resources like meal plans, food lists, exciting and inventive recipes for all phases of the program to help you along your journey to wellness transformation.
P.S : If you’re plotting health as well as weight-loss it is very likely that a lot of the health issues you are currently facing will be resolved in the first week.

Our team has found that many diets are not successful because they are too complicated and participants lack the motivations needed to see them through to the end.

It was with this in mind that we designed this programme at a price that is not only affordable, but rewards the participant for their success and commitment through each phase of the programme.

heading overview
Losing weight is hard work.
Gaining weight is even harder!
It costs a fortune to remain overweight and that doesn’t even include the medical bills.
Gaining weight takes years of effort and sustained discomfort.
Losing it can take a matter of weeks with minimal discomfort.
The exercise and effort required to stay healthy isn’t a fraction of the effort that is required to haul all that extra weight around day after day, with those underdeveloped muscles and that shortness of breath.

Handful of pills for breakfast again today? We will show you that your food can become your medicine!

You think getting up early to go to gym is hard. You are forgetting all those sleepless nights tossing and turning trying to get comfortable just trying to breath, getting poked in the side because you’re snoring so loud, and after all of that falling out of bed exhausted every morning.

So if you’re going to make the effort to lose weight, it is worth doing it right and making it stick. Nobody who wants to lose weight would start a program if they believed that the weight loss would be temporary.

What makes us different?

At BetYaLife we believe that there is a need to return to basics regarding the quality of the food we choose to eat and the avoidance of the overly processed, unhealthy convenience foods we seem to keep choosing.

We have developed a unique reward system that keeps you motivated by paying you back the money you invested when you join the programme. Rewards are paid for commitment to the weekly meetings and for those that choose, rewards are paid back kilogram for kilogram that you lose.

We have a 12-week teaching programme that takes you step for step through various aspects of your health.

The first few weeks are spent understanding the need eliminate foods that are preventing you from breaking through to wellness.
Then we learn how to reintroduce foods in such a way that we can see what effect they have on our health and on our weight.

We spend some time understanding how our bodies work and how they change as we age. The psychologist brings a dose of mental health to the program and the biokineticist gives some sensible instruction on how to exercise properly to lose weight.

There is plenty of motivation and gentle nudging to keep you on the right path until that moment when you have your personal breakthrough.

I have found that insights into your changing body have really turned the lights on for many who have battled through many failed diets that concentrate only on food and correct eating.

Most of us think we understand the meaning of “healthy eating” but few manage to make the long-term commitment to process of change.
The truth is that we are bamboozled by excess information regarding what we should be eating and often have to fight our way through the confusing “truth” and “latest research” of contradicting information.

We also have to contend with a market place with hundreds of “Health Foods” and “health supplements” that tend to promise far more than is possible for any tablet to offer.

Some of us are lazy but most of us are just busy and tired!

We want to do the right thing but just don’t find the time. There just seem to be so many daily tasks, people and activities that demand our attention. Health tends to get pushed to the bottom of a pile of priorities, and there it dies a quiet death, while we cruise on the “FREE” health of youth.

It’s like fetching water from a stream with a bucket that has a hole in it. As we age the stream feels further and the leak seems worse. One day we will arrive home and the bucket will be empty!

So we try live as healthily as we can but just end up failing over and over again. Sometimes we try the next new diet fad, and even do well for the first few weeks, just to end up giving up and ending up where we started.

Previously we have been led to believe that we fail because we lack commitment and self-discipline. Now, however, we are beginning to form a clearer picture in which we recognize that our lack of motivation may not be only because of the love affair and obsession we have with our food but, also an addiction to carbs and sweetness. How about all the synthetically, bioengineered tastes and flavours we are constantly and unwittingly exposed to.

Come and learn about the food you eat. Come and make sense of it all. Not forever, because it will keep changing, but that’s what makes it exciting, cause you’re changing all the time too!


heading history
In 2009 I lost weight. Not just a little…a whole lot. A lot more than I thought I had to lose. Almost 25kg.

How did I do it?

Well it wasn’t all easy and it wasn’t always quick – until we (my wife and I) came across the method we now teach.

I had already done the shakes, the gyming, the starvation, the tablets and the soups! I had already done the 12-week Weight Watchers course – and lost 1 kg. Not because their programme was bad, but because my commitment to it was awful.

Almost by chance we were introduced to the BetYaLife method by friends from the UK who had done very well on a similar program. Almost immediately we started to see results and with virtually no fuss or effort at all!

As it started to become noticeable that something was changing, people and patients started to ask what I was doing. This started to become a real hindrance in my practice because I was easily distracted and chatted enthusiastically about this simple weight loss method that had literally transformed our lives. The only way to remain sane and still practice medicine was to invite some of those that were interested to an after hour meeting to talk about it.

The hunger for knowledge and effective techniques and methods took me by complete surprise. The more people that joined the more people wanted to join.

So from our very humble beginnings in November 2009, which involved 3 patients and my receptionist and a promise to see each other for 30 minutes a week for the next 6 weeks, we set off into the great unknown of “Dieting”.

We have simply continued to invite and welcome more and more people. By 2013 we had anything from 50 to a 100 people joining per month.

What started as a 30 minute informal chat, has transformed into a 12 week, 1 hour, information session call – Nutrition Revolution Sessions –
We added an exercise program for those that were interested although we don’t use exercise to lose weight. We brought a biokineticist on board to chat about effective weight loss exercise techniques, and a psychologist to work out the kinks in our emotional eaters.

I got down to some serious studying now. Realizing that I had opened an enormous can of “fat” worms. I signed up for a 2-year course in Functional Medicine presented by the US Institute of Functional Medicine. I read and listened to anything I could lay my hands on or wrap my ears around to get my nutritional knowledge up to standard. You would be shocked to find out how little nutritional teaching doctors get in their training. I might know the chemical structure of food and have studied the structure of a leaf under an electron microscope, but nobody ever taught us how to eat those structures and what different combinations of them do once you do eat them.

Anyway, this is a story in evolution.

As we gain our own experience and experiment with different options we constantly re-evaluate and re-assess our rules and principles to be sure we are the most up to date lifestyle programme around.


heading vision
There is no one lifestyle or diet that could possibly suit every one of us.

We believe that each individual must carve out an honest Diet and Lifestyle Programme that suits them and their families.

Through a process of elimination weight loss and reintroduction of foods in a very specific way, we will show you what our bodies needs in general and what your body needs specifically.

At BetYaLife we believe health need not cost a fortune and that huge results can be achieved without hundreds of Rand’s worth of supplements and wonder drugs.

It is our intention to restore hope to a despondent, yet desperate generation that is fully aware it’s poor health habits, yet lacks the commitment and knowledge to fix the problem.

We will show you how to lose weight, but you still get to take the credit for it!
We believe in the original goodness of real food.
We emphasize sustainability and practicality.
Food should look good and taste great all the time – especially when it is healthy!

We believe that if we want the next generation to live better than us then we need to teach them, while they are young, to value quality above quantity, and to value richness above sweetness.

Health is like money: small amounts invested early yield massive returns over time.

Start investing with us NOW!


heading social responsibility
To bring the point home that we eat tons more than we require simply because it is there, we thought it would be interesting as a form of motivation, to contrast our excess with the needs of others who have little or nothing.

We have therefore undertaken to donate the small sum R5.00 to a variety of charities per kilogram lost for each group.

This amount varies typically from R1000 to R2000 depending on the size of the group and the weight lost, per month.

We tend to choose charities that involve feeding or housing programs for children at school or orphans in child led homes.

This is an example of a charity we support in the Eastern Province.



During this phase you will learn which foods are making you feel sick, moody and tired so you can feel better fast.


Discover the amazing capacity your body has for self-repair in the presence of the right nutrients and why what you eat and drink is so important.


Tired of feeling tired? The energize phase of this program will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready for action, taking your body to a place where energy and vitality comes naturally.


Each and every one of our bodies is unique; BetYaLife will show you how to find the balance and equilibrium that works for you, so you can start enjoying the healthy, happy life you have always wanted and so richly deserve.


Why conventional diets fail dieters
How to detox safely and effectively
Why treating your cholesterol can kill you
Why you already have diabetes and nobody knows it
Why sugar is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s
Why all our children are hyperactive
Why eating fat makes you thin
The toxicity of sugar and “low fat” foods
The truth about depression and anxiety
The truth about your thyroid
Why the wrong exercise is worse than no exercise at all
A race to the finish line for Proteins, Carbs and Fats

Dramatically improved energy levels
Healthy, sustainable weight loss
Reduction in medical ailments and symptoms such as headaches, spastic colon, fatigue, heartburn, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.
No use of supplements, medication, shakes, special foods or injections.
No food is ever weighted or counted.
No exercise is required in the initial phases.
A fun filled informative course suitable for the whole family

Course Duration

  • : 12

BetYaLife Online Course

Gord Talk – Bonus Video1 Lessons
Pearls Of Thindom1 Lessons


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