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The Nutrition Revolution From BetYaLife is a Practitioner Guided Weight Loss & Lifestyle Management Program, delivered in a series of enriching, informative lessons by widely recognized Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr Grant Fourie (MBChB|CDE) to empower you to make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes as you embark on a journey to a life filled with health, vitality and possibly even prescription free.


BetYaLife takes a responsible, pro-active approach to weight loss and lifestyle management using the principles of functional medicine. Join Doc to uncover the real reason you’re gaining weight, and why it’s that much harder to shed. Sometimes it’s what you put in, sometimes it’s what you take out.



Find Your Perfect Balance.

Life is all about balance, your balance. Let me help you find the perfect balance. In this course I will teach you:

We make no use of supplements, medication, shakes, special foods or injections.

No food is ever weighted or counted.

No exercise is required in the initial phases.

The programme is safe for young and old – allowing the whole family to do it together!

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TITLE: The BetYaLife 12 week weight loss challenge – The Nutrition Revolution

Lose weight, get lean and get healthy

Register for the BetYaLife challenge to unlock the secrets to healthy weight loss. We’ll help you get the weight off and keep it off the healthy way! This is the healthiest and most effective weight loss challenge you will ever be confronted with. Unlock the secrets to sustainable weight loss on the go, the betyalife weighloss + lifestyle management program formulated by dr grant Fourie, available anytime on any device and on the go


The BetYaLife Program includes:

  • 12 Weekly nutrition revolution sessions
  • Functional evaluation sheet
  • Weekly Weigh ins
  • Weekly support
  • Motivation
  • Food Lists
  • Worksheets



We know life gets busy, so we’ve compiled a complete series of the BetYaLife Program so you can unlock all the secrets of healthy eating, healthy living and weight loss from the comfort of your own home and on the go. BetYaLife is now available as DVD set or you can view the weekly videos online.



The DVD collection includes the entire BetYaLife series, the evaluation sheet, food lists and worksheets. It’s important to follow the series every step of the way to lose weight and truly benefit from all the expert advice and information. The DVD set costs R 850 excluding delivery. *Delivery takes up to 14 working days.




BETYALIFE ON DEMAND $9.99 per week or $99 for access to the full series

Now you can view each episode of the BetYaLife series on demand, the weekly videos are available as a complete package or on a week to week basis, so there’s no pressure. We want you to be confident about this decision so you only pay for what you watch. Download the relevant worksheets, food lists and eating plans as you go along. SUBSCRIBE NOW

  1. What food you should, and shouldn't be eating and why it probably doesn't even make a difference!
  2. A race to the finish for Proteins, Fats and Carbs - who will remain?
  3. Why diet programs fail Dieters.
  4. Why you always just gain the weight back.
  5. Why treating cholesterol can kill you!
  6. Why you already have diabetes and nobody knows.
  7. Why Sugar gives you Alzheimer's!
  8. Why eating Fat makes you thin.
  9. Why Sugar is the new enemy and low fat food is bad for you!
  10. How your hormones interfere with your mood and energy and weight!
  11. Men, low testosterone prevents you from losing that belly!
  12. Why the wrong exercise is worse than no exercise at all!
  13. Why your doctor doesn't understand your thyroid
  14. How medication only hides the conditions that are killing you!
  15. Why is everyone tired and depressed OR worse
  16. Why everyone is on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets
  17. How to Detox effectively and safely!

Real Support . Real People



Food Lists and Meal Plans.

Food Lists and Meal Plans.


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What You Will Learn:

Ready To Live Your Best Life? Join The Nutrition Revolution Today!

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